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10 000 Push Up Challenge with Coach Hilton and a message from Coach Tracey

  Coach Hilton talks about how to achieve a big goal (10 000 push ups) by breaking it into smaller goals. Coach Tracey also checks in and says hi to the WBC family. She has so many memories from WBC that she couldn't choose just one to share. She's excited to see you all soon! Big thank you to our coaching staff for making Virtual WBC 35 possible!   Fun Facts - Tracey has been at EVERY SINGLE WBC! All 35 camps! ⭐️🏀 ⭐️ - Hilton can bench press 225 lbs 5 times 💪

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1 on 1 Jab Series with Connor

  Coach Connor teaches the Jab Series (Jab and Go, Jab and Cross, Jab and Shoot) to help you become a dynamic 1 on 1 player.   Coach Connor's favourite basketball player - USports National Champion Libby Epoch (UofS Huskies) 🐶   Fun Fact - Connor has had the opportunity to be on the coaching staff with Canada Basketball. He has traveled to Latvia, Belarus, Mexico, and Thailand with their age group teams. He credits WBC for instilling a love for the game in him and he always brings his WBC shirt and wristbands along on his travels.

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WBC Partner Fitness Challenge

  Coach Jasmine and Coach Mike take you through a partner fitness challenge to help you strengthen your muscles 💪 and increase your cardio 🏃💨 🏃‍♀️💨 Coach Kent and his sons, Carter and Cozzy, also send a quick message!   WBC Partner Fitness Challenge (10 Reps x Timed Exercise then switch) - Jumping Jacks x Skipping - Squats x Plank - Push-Ups x High Knees - Lunges x Mountain Climbers - Burpees x Superheros Level 1: 2️⃣ Rounds Level 2: 3️⃣ Rounds Level 3: 5️⃣ Rounds   Favorite part of WBC: - Coach Mike: Coaching the mini camp last year, it was awesome to see how excited the youngest campers were when they improved at the skill we were working...

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