WBC Partner Fitness Challenge


Coach Jasmine and Coach Mike take you through a partner fitness challenge to help you strengthen your muscles 💪 and increase your cardio 🏃💨 🏃‍♀️💨

Coach Kent and his sons, Carter and Cozzy, also send a quick message!


WBC Partner Fitness Challenge (10 Reps x Timed Exercise then switch)

- Jumping Jacks x Skipping - Squats x Plank

- Push-Ups x High Knees

- Lunges x Mountain Climbers

- Burpees x Superheros

Level 1: 2️⃣ Rounds Level 2: 3️⃣ Rounds Level 3: 5️⃣ Rounds


Favorite part of WBC:

- Coach Mike: Coaching the mini camp last year, it was awesome to see how excited the youngest campers were when they improved at the skill we were working on.

- Coach Jasmine: My favourite part of camp is getting to see campers year after year and how much they’ve grown, their skills have improved, and see what’s new in their lives. It’s really like a family reunion at camp.


Fun Facts:

- Mike won the Sportsmanship Award @ the Mac’s World Invitational Midget Hockey Tournament and won the Telus Cup (Midget AAA National Championship)

- Jasmine has been coaching high school basketball for a decade and has led her high school teams to a city championship and a provincial silver medal